Simas Torreón will add quality to the service, says Mayor Román Cepeda –

Mayor Roman Cepeda stated that the Simas Torreon will take the first step: “put quality” in the water service, put the water in the homes and then go on to demand payment.
“You cannot fall into a vicious circle, in which I half give you a good service and in which the citizenry is dissatisfied and does not pay, because it does not have a good service”noted the mayor.

He stressed that first of all the If more seeks to comply with the delivery of sufficient water in the various sectors of the city, so that it is not an argument for users who are reluctant to pay their bills or who have omitted the signing of their respective service contracts.
He commented that the operator of the water system in the city brings 50 percent efficiency, that is to say, it only invoices half of the liquid that it extracts from wells, because a good volume of water it is lost in driving, given the obsolete nature of the networks.
Anticipating the high demand for water expected this summer, Roman Cepeda, He said that he is taking the necessary steps to start improving distribution networks and drilling new sources of extraction-.
Simas, for now, trains staff to attend the theme of leaks in general and to review the delivery points, in such a way as to avoid mishaps and claims such as those that are registered each summer season.