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It’s fun to share tweets on Instagram, but the process of screenshotting tweets and uploading them to a different platform can be tedious and tiresome. Fortunately, Twitter is testing a new feature that allows iPhone users to add tweets to Instagram Stories in the blink of an eye.
You can add a tweet to your Instagram Story as long as the tweet you’re trying to share is public. That means it must be visible to the general public on Twitter, not something that was posted to a private or protected account. You will also need to be logged in to your Instagram and Twitter accounts on the device you’re using. Keep in mind that this method currently only works for some iPhone users at this time.
1. On the Twitter app, locate the tweet you wish to share to your Instagram Story.
2. On the tweet you wish to share, tap on the «Share» icon, which resembles an arrow pointing upward.
3. In the menu that appears, underneath the Instagram icon, tap on «Instagram Stories.»
4. The Twitter app will now disappear. In its place, the Instagram app will open a new draft for an Instagram Story.
5. You can now interact with the shared tweet as though it is a sticker. You can move it around by tapping and dragging the tweet, or you can resize it by swiping your fingers together or apart.
6. Put the finishing touches on your Instagram Story as you’d like it to appear. Then, you can choose to share it with all of your Instagram followers, a single person, or a group of multiple Instagram users.
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