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Grilled mole and deshedbrada gorditas.
On my lunch break during the coldest day of San Antonio winter thus far, I tried the second Gorditas Mi Torreon for the first time. Just a dash away from San Antonio College (and my closest H-E-B) the highly rated restaurant is known for delicious grilled gorditas and having «the best» cafe de olla (coffee made with panela and most crucially, cinnamon).
Here is a breakdown of how it all went down.
Gorditas mi Torreon
I pulled into the parking lot at high noon. Even on a distinct day when schools were shutting down due to chilly temperatures, the parking lot of the San Pedro location was relatively packed. A swath of San Antonio was willing to brave the cold for these gorditas — immediately a good sign. I was grateful when a truck pulled out of its spot right before I turned into the small lot. Inside, a construction crew was also on their lunch break while huddles of friends sipping coffee and chatting filled the warm and spacious room. 
What’s better than a hot cup of coffee to warm your hands on a cold day? I was looking forward to taking a sip.
While reading a menu at the entrance, I noted a caricature drawing of the late Vicente Fernández displayed on a wall, amongst other posters of Torreon (the city in Mexico) and glossy images of vintage celebrities and soccer stars. Several TV screens silently played Univision while music played. It was a great place to be.
«Sit wherever you like,» a young waitress invited me. And I did just that at a table close to the window. 
I saw several reviews online and one TikTok video that dubbed Torreon’s cafe de olla «the best.» I am sorry to say that I am not a connoisseur of cafe de olla. I’ll order it on occasion when I’m at a restaurant that serves it and sometimes I’d have it when it was made for me by an ex. All I can safely say is that it was served in a mug with a lot of character, it warmed me up after several cups, and it was probably the best I have ever had. 
A hot mug of Cafe de Olla at Gorditas Mi Torreon. 
A gordita is essentially a fried little pouch made from corn masa typically filled with a guiso (meaty stew), some melty cheese, or taco fixings.  At the San Pedro Gorditas Mi Torreon, there are 15 guisos to choose from, including frijoles con queso, papa roja, asado, and carne con chile, all displayed in the open kitchen. 
I ordered two gorditas for this visit (it’s not called Sopes Mi Torreon, but maybe next time) from my server. I went with a shredded chicken mole and a beef deshebrada, both on the grill. The restaurant gives you the option to have them cooked «al carbon» (cooked over coal) or «a la plancha.» 
A hot mug of Cafe de Olla at Gorditas Mi Torreon. 
I am neither a food critic nor a gordita expert, but they were both flavorful and hearty. Maybe it was the cold weather, but I was partial to the savory mole with a hint of lingering sweetness. By the time I got to the beefy and oniony deshebrada, I was pretty much full. After a few bites, I decided to take the second one home.
One thing to note is that they are very affordable. At $3.25 each, I left spending $9.80 total (tip excluded). The menu also includes a flauta menu, with five flautas with your choice of meat for $8. It’s something I’d like to explore. All and all, my brief time at Gorditas Mi Torreon  was a great experience. I will definitely be dining again (and not just because it’s close to my house). 
You can find it at 3905 San Pedro Avenue. Gorditas Mi Torreon is open 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday, and 7:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. Saturday and Sunday.
Grilled mole and deshebrada gorditas.
Camille Sauers grew up in San Antonio and studied at the University of Colorado at Boulder.  Send ghost story, nature and music tips to Twitter: @camillesaccount